Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strange Toilet Around The World

Hi Again mate! Hehe this time we're going to see bunch of strange toilet around the world haha.People with wierd taste created this...maybe to show people their creativity haha. Now lets not waste time..Enjoy the show mate! ;p
Haha you can use this toilet while going to work..haha wonder i wonder is there anyone crazy enough using it ;p
wow...this toilet sure epic...hah Hope you guys didnt stay inside too long..people might think you're doing something nasty haha.
This one is sure hillarious...haha peeing while laughing hahaha. Im tottally sure i dont want to use this one.
A transparent toilet..hmmm is anyone here dare enough to use it? all your precious one will be revealed to public haha.
Whew...That a total freak design..but funny n unique...Enough for this time.You can search for other toilet pictures around the net.There a bunch of it...and really2 funny.Until next time mate! Enjoy :)

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