Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Great Eye Of Africa - Mauritania

Hello mate! Lets go to Africa..hehe.This time were gonna take a look at The Great Eye Of Africa.Why does it called eye? Well you can tell that to yourself by looking at the picture.Yes, This is a view from up above, that take place in sahara desert africa.You can use google earth and find it yourself.It is a great view.(very rare).

How this great nature mark formed? Well to tell you the truth, It is still a debate on how it was formed.Some of the scientist say this structure was formed due to symmetrical uplifting of ‘underlying geology’. Hence, due to the thousands of years of erosion.But some say it was formed by a meteor impact! (wow such a big point of view..but to see the scale,and shape it does make sense rite? haha) Some of them even say it was formed by a really big nuclear blast.(Gulp! in ancient world? Hmm this is interesting.)

Due to its significantly noticeable location and its wondrous shape, it has attracted attention since the earliest space missions.(i think even amstrong can spotted this "eye" haha).The "eye" have diameter is about 50 kilometres.Yes it is very big..that why you can spot this place from space.For those who like nature and bizzare form,this is a lifetime experience.The structure has a gigantic appeal to it and seems more alive than just a Richat structure by itself ! For its- one in the world shape and geological importance.

Well Be sure to bring a lot of water if you do plan to go there...(its in sahara rite?haha).Until next time mate! This sahara thing makin me thirty...a jug of lemonade wont be enough haha.Hope you do enjoy it! later.:)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Alien Dead Body Found in German - 2011

Hello again mate! This is a fresh story.Its depend on you to belive it or not hehe.As you can see the Title say that an alien dead bldy was found in German.The body was found in a snowy area after an UFO was spotted flying toward earth.The flying condition is like a crashing plane. But with pink n blue colour light.

The phenomenon was seen by hundred of people living nearby.The secret agent and russian science ministry was seen arrive at the scene a few hour later.It is said that the alien was alive during the crash but found dead after that.It is belive the alien dead because of the extreme weather condition.(Hmm the body seems real..does they really exist? haha who knows...)

This is the video of the Alien. until next time mate! enjoy ;)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mystery 0f Number 111 or 11 Year 2011

Hi again mate! Today i wanna tell you something..this mystery or coincidence has been told to me by my friend.Ok lets make some eksperiment-
solve this quetion -
your age + the year of your birth = ?? (e.g: My age 25 this year + Born in 86 = 111!)
other e.g = my son age 1 year + born in 2010 = 11! (1+10).

Hmmm try it your self....all the people in the world will get the same answer weather 111 or 11.This only happen in 2011! Is there an unsolve mystery behind it? or just a coincidence? Hehe i also dont know.Until next time mate! May the mystery surround you haha ;p

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hell Door - Turkmenistan

Hai again mate! heheh This time i gonna show you a door to hell.(that wats people says).Maybe many of you have seen the picture,been to the place.Yes this is a famous holes with fire aka door to hell at turkmenistan.This crater, have been burning continuously since last 35 year! What make it been burning that long? And how does this crater formed? lets find out.
It all happen in 1971,when geologist were goin to find some gas.They stated digging up this place n excidently dug up a really large underground cave.All of their equiptment,even the camp been swallowed deep under the cave.

No one dare enter the cave cause the cave was filled with poisonous gas! So they decided to ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out.Since then its been burning, and burning, and burning.(So this the cause of global warming haha)Since that day its been 35 year,and no one know how much of gass been burned there.Its seems infinity!.

It is also said that The government until now didnt give any effort closing the crater.(some said it will be close,but no one know when and how).The interesting fact is, most people of turkmenistan didnt even know the place existed.This is because the government dont want people to goes there (maybe dangerous?) Well that all for this post,hope you guys enjoy it! until next time mate! ;p

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strange Toilet Around The World

Hi Again mate! Hehe this time we're going to see bunch of strange toilet around the world haha.People with wierd taste created this...maybe to show people their creativity haha. Now lets not waste time..Enjoy the show mate! ;p
Haha you can use this toilet while going to work..haha wonder i wonder is there anyone crazy enough using it ;p
wow...this toilet sure epic...hah Hope you guys didnt stay inside too long..people might think you're doing something nasty haha.
This one is sure hillarious...haha peeing while laughing hahaha. Im tottally sure i dont want to use this one.
A transparent toilet..hmmm is anyone here dare enough to use it? all your precious one will be revealed to public haha.
Whew...That a total freak design..but funny n unique...Enough for this time.You can search for other toilet pictures around the net.There a bunch of it...and really2 funny.Until next time mate! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nine Hell Of Beppu - Japan

Hi mate,how your day? Feelin tired? Hmmmm maybe a hot spring can make you more relax hehe. This time we're going to Japan (recently hit by tsunami and earthquake).Beppu is a city located in oita prefecture on the island of kyushu Japan.The city is famous because of the hot spring there,which are regarded as sacred.It has the second largest volume of hot water in the world.
The name was called nine hell because beppu contain nine major geothermal hot spot.Beppu is also divided into eight major hotspring area which is called Beppu Hatto.(Hmm wonder what its mean).As you can see, the scenery is calming and a little hot.This is sure a nice place for relaxig after a hard day at work.At my place also have a hotspring,but the scenery is a little...you know what i mean haha.
These hell is popular among japanese n a popular tourist attraction among them,But it is a little know outside the country.Sadly as with many incredible natural wonders, the area surrounding it has become over commercialised and “tacky”.The tempreture of hot spring here is hot enough to boil an egg(wonder how to take a bath there...i'll be the first boiled human in just 3 min haha..Maybe u can make a steam salmon here..haha such a good idea(just make sure the line is clear aite!).
Well that all for the hot super duper Hell of japan.i'm feeling like taking a bath but not with warm or hot water..with a really cool water haha..the pictures make a little hot here..phew..Until next time mate! ENJOY :)

Guarachero Boots - Legendary Long Boots Of Mexican

Hello again mate! This time i gonna take you to mexico,land of "adios amigos" word haha.This time its all about boots.As you can see the boots is a little too pointy at the front.Yes its been A major fashion trend in mexico,especially at dance clubs and rodeo dance floors around northern mexico.(Wonder how they dance, walk jump with that boots,and imagine if they were attacked by a crazy dog..awww man..dont want to imagine that.haha kiddin mate).

At first the boots the were wearing is just a normal boots.But at some time,people started to make a more pointy one,and it became more pointy when they dont want to lose to the other.(One day the boots will beat the owner height haha...cool!)The boots now is a really big fashion trend there..and the meaning "big" there is, they even make a tournament,event n even wearing it to work!(one day event actress will wear the boots,(in desperado 5 maybe j/k mate!)).

The boots were made from a normal boots, but the front that make in pointier is rubber hoses to make the boot longer, cover it with a layer of leather and make it as pointiest as they can, using various carving tools.(creative).Some of the community think the fashion was funny,wierd,but the kids just dont care.They were happy and proud of it.As long as the boots comforted them,the just dont care people talking.(Nice mate! do wat you like dont bother anything else..respect!)

Well enough for this time.Im gonna make a boots like this my self and see weather its suit me haha.Maybe you guys can go to mexico and try it yourself..then bring it back to your country and wear it public! Maybe it will be a blast and became a new fashion in your country haha. Well, adios amigos! until next time mate! ENJOY ;)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ghost Town Prypiat Ukrain Chernobyl

Today we are going to visit one of the coolest town in the planet! The Ghost town of Prypiat..(this kind of freekin me off).Well, this unpopular town is located in central ukraine.The town became so ghostly because of the nuclear meltdown on april 26,1986.This is how the story began.(grab your popcorn!).On April 26 1986,the No $ nuclear reactor at the chernobyl nuclear station exploded during a test to see how much power was needed to keep the reactor operating during a blackout.
The radioactive started to spread into the air like a wind of death and spread across million square of miles.(Hope this didnt happen to japan).The prypiat Town is located 4 kilometres to the south of the reactor.Because of the high radiation, about 100,000 residence were forced to evacuate the town leaving the town empty.(Perfect place for silent hill fan hehe)This town is a freeze frame of 1980s soviet life.Propaganda slogans still hang on the wall,children item and others item remain as they were in 1986.

The buildings are rotting,paint is peeling,and looters have taken away anything that might be valueble.(haha chance taker..for you who are dare enough to enter the town, maybe you can find something unique,special from 1980s.Enter at night for a little add up ghost mode haha).The tree and grass start to filled the town,making it a total super duper perfect ghost town!

The casualty of the disaster was still a debate...some say hundred,some say thousand.But come to think of it,i think it about thousand,(maybe death cause of the aftereffect of the radioactive).This town is now open for tourism.Hah! now is our chances to go there and take an epic picture that you probably could not taken anywhere else! Its one of a kind thing.The picture will be super fabulous! Haha enough with my babbling..Hope you all do enjoy the show.Well,until next time mate!

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Lagendary Mount Of Sanqinshan - China

Hi again mate! This time we are goin to China...to see the legendary mount of sanqinshan. Also known as San Qing mountain.The mount is located 50 miles north from yushan,jiangxi province of china.(Just look at the view..wow this mountain must have its own legend! maybe the king monkey!). The San Qing means  "three distincts" in mandarin because the mountain is made up of three main summit Yujing Mountain", "Yushui Mountain" and "Yuhua Mountain.(Hmm....maybe at the top of each summit is the hideout of 3 legendary creature..haha j/k)
This rock is called the python coming out of the mountain.(haha you can tell by looking at the shape) This "snake" is located at the north of the nanqinyuan scenic spot 1200 meter above the sea level with a relative altitude of 128 meters.According to the expert, this rock of pillar or "snake" or wat you wanna called it is formed under the effect of weathering and disintegration of gravity has several traverse tracks,yet it stand tall through billion of years!.(I think this is the best spot for hikers! just watch out cause the "snake" didnt look so stabel,and it might eat you alive!)
I dunno how to describe this. But the next picture is called Monkey King Presenting The Treasure! The first time i looked at the picture, i just saw a really big rock up at the mountain, but when u stare at it about 5 min without blinkin an eye, you will see the Monkey King moving!!! haha Just kiddin mate(just dont do that, it wont move!) This "Monkey King" is located in the northwest of the West Coast Scenic Spot. The "Monkey King", about seven meters high, is sitting stately at the cliff, his eyes seeming to gaze at something and the hands holding the treasure! ( Hope he give me some).

The best part of this whole mountain (from my point of view) is the fog! why is that? cause it give you a unique view fog+rockymountain+the green..its just complete! The air must be so refreshing..it will make you wanna stay there forever.haha(imagining  thing).I recomended all hikers to hike your way up the mountain.Im sure you all will be so addicted to it.

The mountain is also the best place for film maker(just my oppinion).The scene is so perfect for you producer to make a film like crouching tiger hidden dragon or legend of the 3 lagendary creature (Monkey king,Snake, and another one is.....ummm Hidden Dragon haha perfect! it will be a blockbuster) Well enough for this post, Until next time mate! and sorry for the bad grammar.haha. 
Watch out for my next post! :) ENJOY!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The great blue hole of belize

Woah!!....did u guy see the size of that holes? hehe. yes This hole is called The Legendary Great blue hole of belize.It is a large underwater sinkhole of the coast of belize. How in the world this really big hole formed?
It is said it was formed during several episodes of quaternary glaciation when seas level were much lower-the analysis of stalactites found in Great Blue Hole shows that formation has taken place 153,000; 66,000; 60,000; and 15,000 years ago. As the ocean began to rise again, the caves were flooded.(so that how it happen..so to all freaks out there,who dream to create one like this one,U might wanna think quadraple times..it take a thousand years to finish this kind of masterpiece..j/k)

As you all can see, this is a pictures from up above.(using my helicopter haha...ahem! j/k) the size of the hole is really big and the dark blue colour means it is REALLY deep!! But divers have reported, it is a heaven to al divers, because the hole filled with vast number of aquatic creatures some of which are still new to science.Plus,they've recorded chambers filled with stalactites n stalagmites which only form in dry caves.How cool is that!! (Maybe when you dive you can meet a Mermaid!! or a Merman!! haha (in your dream)).

See those stalagtites? Its a rare one..This lagendary hole is guaranteed a one of a kind heaven for all diver! Im sure of it.Plus diving with all of the jellyfish,and spongebob..fuhh its a one time experience!! Plus if there were a chalet on the island, its will be a complete paradise for divers! (just ignore my babbling haha im just to excited lookin at the pictures.)

IT is said this place is also a great place for Fishing! This bull shark is of of the main residence in the hole. Hope you all can catch one haha (kiddin mate!) Well that all for this time.Watch out for my next post aite! ENJOY!