Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Great Eye Of Africa - Mauritania

Hello mate! Lets go to Africa..hehe.This time were gonna take a look at The Great Eye Of Africa.Why does it called eye? Well you can tell that to yourself by looking at the picture.Yes, This is a view from up above, that take place in sahara desert africa.You can use google earth and find it yourself.It is a great view.(very rare).

How this great nature mark formed? Well to tell you the truth, It is still a debate on how it was formed.Some of the scientist say this structure was formed due to symmetrical uplifting of ‘underlying geology’. Hence, due to the thousands of years of erosion.But some say it was formed by a meteor impact! (wow such a big point of view..but to see the scale,and shape it does make sense rite? haha) Some of them even say it was formed by a really big nuclear blast.(Gulp! in ancient world? Hmm this is interesting.)

Due to its significantly noticeable location and its wondrous shape, it has attracted attention since the earliest space missions.(i think even amstrong can spotted this "eye" haha).The "eye" have diameter is about 50 kilometres.Yes it is very big..that why you can spot this place from space.For those who like nature and bizzare form,this is a lifetime experience.The structure has a gigantic appeal to it and seems more alive than just a Richat structure by itself ! For its- one in the world shape and geological importance.

Well Be sure to bring a lot of water if you do plan to go there...(its in sahara rite?haha).Until next time mate! This sahara thing makin me thirty...a jug of lemonade wont be enough haha.Hope you do enjoy it! later.:)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Alien Dead Body Found in German - 2011

Hello again mate! This is a fresh story.Its depend on you to belive it or not hehe.As you can see the Title say that an alien dead bldy was found in German.The body was found in a snowy area after an UFO was spotted flying toward earth.The flying condition is like a crashing plane. But with pink n blue colour light.

The phenomenon was seen by hundred of people living nearby.The secret agent and russian science ministry was seen arrive at the scene a few hour later.It is said that the alien was alive during the crash but found dead after that.It is belive the alien dead because of the extreme weather condition.(Hmm the body seems real..does they really exist? haha who knows...)

This is the video of the Alien. until next time mate! enjoy ;)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mystery 0f Number 111 or 11 Year 2011

Hi again mate! Today i wanna tell you something..this mystery or coincidence has been told to me by my friend.Ok lets make some eksperiment-
solve this quetion -
your age + the year of your birth = ?? (e.g: My age 25 this year + Born in 86 = 111!)
other e.g = my son age 1 year + born in 2010 = 11! (1+10).

Hmmm try it your self....all the people in the world will get the same answer weather 111 or 11.This only happen in 2011! Is there an unsolve mystery behind it? or just a coincidence? Hehe i also dont know.Until next time mate! May the mystery surround you haha ;p

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hell Door - Turkmenistan

Hai again mate! heheh This time i gonna show you a door to hell.(that wats people says).Maybe many of you have seen the picture,been to the place.Yes this is a famous holes with fire aka door to hell at turkmenistan.This crater, have been burning continuously since last 35 year! What make it been burning that long? And how does this crater formed? lets find out.
It all happen in 1971,when geologist were goin to find some gas.They stated digging up this place n excidently dug up a really large underground cave.All of their equiptment,even the camp been swallowed deep under the cave.

No one dare enter the cave cause the cave was filled with poisonous gas! So they decided to ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out.Since then its been burning, and burning, and burning.(So this the cause of global warming haha)Since that day its been 35 year,and no one know how much of gass been burned there.Its seems infinity!.

It is also said that The government until now didnt give any effort closing the crater.(some said it will be close,but no one know when and how).The interesting fact is, most people of turkmenistan didnt even know the place existed.This is because the government dont want people to goes there (maybe dangerous?) Well that all for this post,hope you guys enjoy it! until next time mate! ;p

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strange Toilet Around The World

Hi Again mate! Hehe this time we're going to see bunch of strange toilet around the world haha.People with wierd taste created this...maybe to show people their creativity haha. Now lets not waste time..Enjoy the show mate! ;p
Haha you can use this toilet while going to work..haha wonder i wonder is there anyone crazy enough using it ;p
wow...this toilet sure epic...hah Hope you guys didnt stay inside too long..people might think you're doing something nasty haha.
This one is sure hillarious...haha peeing while laughing hahaha. Im tottally sure i dont want to use this one.
A transparent toilet..hmmm is anyone here dare enough to use it? all your precious one will be revealed to public haha.
Whew...That a total freak design..but funny n unique...Enough for this time.You can search for other toilet pictures around the net.There a bunch of it...and really2 funny.Until next time mate! Enjoy :)