Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ghost Town Prypiat Ukrain Chernobyl

Today we are going to visit one of the coolest town in the planet! The Ghost town of Prypiat..(this kind of freekin me off).Well, this unpopular town is located in central ukraine.The town became so ghostly because of the nuclear meltdown on april 26,1986.This is how the story began.(grab your popcorn!).On April 26 1986,the No $ nuclear reactor at the chernobyl nuclear station exploded during a test to see how much power was needed to keep the reactor operating during a blackout.
The radioactive started to spread into the air like a wind of death and spread across million square of miles.(Hope this didnt happen to japan).The prypiat Town is located 4 kilometres to the south of the reactor.Because of the high radiation, about 100,000 residence were forced to evacuate the town leaving the town empty.(Perfect place for silent hill fan hehe)This town is a freeze frame of 1980s soviet life.Propaganda slogans still hang on the wall,children item and others item remain as they were in 1986.

The buildings are rotting,paint is peeling,and looters have taken away anything that might be valueble.(haha chance taker..for you who are dare enough to enter the town, maybe you can find something unique,special from 1980s.Enter at night for a little add up ghost mode haha).The tree and grass start to filled the town,making it a total super duper perfect ghost town!

The casualty of the disaster was still a debate...some say hundred,some say thousand.But come to think of it,i think it about thousand,(maybe death cause of the aftereffect of the radioactive).This town is now open for tourism.Hah! now is our chances to go there and take an epic picture that you probably could not taken anywhere else! Its one of a kind thing.The picture will be super fabulous! Haha enough with my babbling..Hope you all do enjoy the show.Well,until next time mate!

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