Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nine Hell Of Beppu - Japan

Hi mate,how your day? Feelin tired? Hmmmm maybe a hot spring can make you more relax hehe. This time we're going to Japan (recently hit by tsunami and earthquake).Beppu is a city located in oita prefecture on the island of kyushu Japan.The city is famous because of the hot spring there,which are regarded as sacred.It has the second largest volume of hot water in the world.
The name was called nine hell because beppu contain nine major geothermal hot spot.Beppu is also divided into eight major hotspring area which is called Beppu Hatto.(Hmm wonder what its mean).As you can see, the scenery is calming and a little hot.This is sure a nice place for relaxig after a hard day at work.At my place also have a hotspring,but the scenery is a know what i mean haha.
These hell is popular among japanese n a popular tourist attraction among them,But it is a little know outside the country.Sadly as with many incredible natural wonders, the area surrounding it has become over commercialised and “tacky”.The tempreture of hot spring here is hot enough to boil an egg(wonder how to take a bath there...i'll be the first boiled human in just 3 min haha..Maybe u can make a steam salmon here..haha such a good idea(just make sure the line is clear aite!).
Well that all for the hot super duper Hell of japan.i'm feeling like taking a bath but not with warm or hot water..with a really cool water haha..the pictures make a little hot here..phew..Until next time mate! ENJOY :)

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