Monday, 11 April 2011

The Lagendary Mount Of Sanqinshan - China

Hi again mate! This time we are goin to see the legendary mount of sanqinshan. Also known as San Qing mountain.The mount is located 50 miles north from yushan,jiangxi province of china.(Just look at the this mountain must have its own legend! maybe the king monkey!). The San Qing means  "three distincts" in mandarin because the mountain is made up of three main summit Yujing Mountain", "Yushui Mountain" and "Yuhua Mountain.(Hmm....maybe at the top of each summit is the hideout of 3 legendary creature..haha j/k)
This rock is called the python coming out of the mountain.(haha you can tell by looking at the shape) This "snake" is located at the north of the nanqinyuan scenic spot 1200 meter above the sea level with a relative altitude of 128 meters.According to the expert, this rock of pillar or "snake" or wat you wanna called it is formed under the effect of weathering and disintegration of gravity has several traverse tracks,yet it stand tall through billion of years!.(I think this is the best spot for hikers! just watch out cause the "snake" didnt look so stabel,and it might eat you alive!)
I dunno how to describe this. But the next picture is called Monkey King Presenting The Treasure! The first time i looked at the picture, i just saw a really big rock up at the mountain, but when u stare at it about 5 min without blinkin an eye, you will see the Monkey King moving!!! haha Just kiddin mate(just dont do that, it wont move!) This "Monkey King" is located in the northwest of the West Coast Scenic Spot. The "Monkey King", about seven meters high, is sitting stately at the cliff, his eyes seeming to gaze at something and the hands holding the treasure! ( Hope he give me some).

The best part of this whole mountain (from my point of view) is the fog! why is that? cause it give you a unique view fog+rockymountain+the green..its just complete! The air must be so will make you wanna stay there forever.haha(imagining  thing).I recomended all hikers to hike your way up the mountain.Im sure you all will be so addicted to it.

The mountain is also the best place for film maker(just my oppinion).The scene is so perfect for you producer to make a film like crouching tiger hidden dragon or legend of the 3 lagendary creature (Monkey king,Snake, and another one is.....ummm Hidden Dragon haha perfect! it will be a blockbuster) Well enough for this post, Until next time mate! and sorry for the bad grammar.haha. 
Watch out for my next post! :) ENJOY!

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