Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hell Door - Turkmenistan

Hai again mate! heheh This time i gonna show you a door to hell.(that wats people says).Maybe many of you have seen the picture,been to the place.Yes this is a famous holes with fire aka door to hell at turkmenistan.This crater, have been burning continuously since last 35 year! What make it been burning that long? And how does this crater formed? lets find out.
It all happen in 1971,when geologist were goin to find some gas.They stated digging up this place n excidently dug up a really large underground cave.All of their equiptment,even the camp been swallowed deep under the cave.

No one dare enter the cave cause the cave was filled with poisonous gas! So they decided to ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out.Since then its been burning, and burning, and burning.(So this the cause of global warming haha)Since that day its been 35 year,and no one know how much of gass been burned there.Its seems infinity!.

It is also said that The government until now didnt give any effort closing the crater.(some said it will be close,but no one know when and how).The interesting fact is, most people of turkmenistan didnt even know the place existed.This is because the government dont want people to goes there (maybe dangerous?) Well that all for this post,hope you guys enjoy it! until next time mate! ;p

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