Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mystery 0f Number 111 or 11 Year 2011

Hi again mate! Today i wanna tell you something..this mystery or coincidence has been told to me by my friend.Ok lets make some eksperiment-
solve this quetion -
your age + the year of your birth = ?? (e.g: My age 25 this year + Born in 86 = 111!)
other e.g = my son age 1 year + born in 2010 = 11! (1+10).

Hmmm try it your self....all the people in the world will get the same answer weather 111 or 11.This only happen in 2011! Is there an unsolve mystery behind it? or just a coincidence? Hehe i also dont know.Until next time mate! May the mystery surround you haha ;p

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