Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Guarachero Boots - Legendary Long Boots Of Mexican

Hello again mate! This time i gonna take you to mexico,land of "adios amigos" word haha.This time its all about boots.As you can see the boots is a little too pointy at the front.Yes its been A major fashion trend in mexico,especially at dance clubs and rodeo dance floors around northern mexico.(Wonder how they dance, walk jump with that boots,and imagine if they were attacked by a crazy dog..awww man..dont want to imagine that.haha kiddin mate).

At first the boots the were wearing is just a normal boots.But at some time,people started to make a more pointy one,and it became more pointy when they dont want to lose to the other.(One day the boots will beat the owner height!)The boots now is a really big fashion trend there..and the meaning "big" there is, they even make a tournament,event n even wearing it to work!(one day event actress will wear the boots,(in desperado 5 maybe j/k mate!)).

The boots were made from a normal boots, but the front that make in pointier is rubber hoses to make the boot longer, cover it with a layer of leather and make it as pointiest as they can, using various carving tools.(creative).Some of the community think the fashion was funny,wierd,but the kids just dont care.They were happy and proud of it.As long as the boots comforted them,the just dont care people talking.(Nice mate! do wat you like dont bother anything else..respect!)

Well enough for this time.Im gonna make a boots like this my self and see weather its suit me haha.Maybe you guys can go to mexico and try it yourself..then bring it back to your country and wear it public! Maybe it will be a blast and became a new fashion in your country haha. Well, adios amigos! until next time mate! ENJOY ;)

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